Paul Pope x DNKY

If there’s one thing a man can be proud of material-wise besides his threads and boy-cessories are his shoes. Unlike gals, guys have a narrow range of knick-knacks they can beautify themselves with and therefore take pride in making sure they get the best out of their limited platter. Try and ask a fashion conscious boy anything about shoes and he will answer type, model, material and who rocked it. If word hasn’t already gotten out, here’s a piece of fashion-pie JUICE reckons every dude (especially those of the kind mentioned earlier) should bite a big chunk out of – The Paul Pope For DNKY limited edition sneaks and loafers.

An American alternative comic book artist that brought THB, Batman and Escapo to life, Paul Pope lends his inking skills to develop a range of super tight soles with the brand from the Big Apple. His subjects are always a little dark and a little happy with a twist of lunacy, but the most distinctive feature in his illustration is the hair that looks like tendrils escaping. And even when it’s just scenery, those tendrils turn to patterns and decorates the surrounding of his art in all sort of forms.

For DKNY, Pope has put his pen on fabric and produced a variety of hip, artistic and unique range of hoodies, t-shirts, and jackets, but JUICE would like to highlight the active kicks that’s perfect for today’s guy, or he who has a knack for art. The range is called 2089 – 100 years since DKNY was created, and the scene is set in New York City against an industrial but green futuristic backdrop where a modern love story unfolds.

Check out more of Paul Pope’s work at any DKNY outlet at 219, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, or log on to more of the 2089 collection press enter here.