P.I.F.F: Artisanal Reptiles

source: P.I.F.F

All the way from the cold and wet pavements of London comes the statement label P.I.F.F, with its collection of derby boots, brogue shoes, and blucher boots, created in an amalgamation of expert hand-craftsmanship, luxury material,s and contemporary designs, executed to the highest possible level, yet at the same time, in sustainable limited numbers.

P.I.F.F stands for Philosophic Ideals x Fractured Fundamentals, a statement that denotes the ethos of the brand and its ambivalence towards conventional methods. In other words, P.I.F.F provides quality footwear that would give mainstream manufacturers a run for their money, and au courant designs pieced together with skilful hands of an artisan that makes every step you take in them worth your every penny.

Still revering on The Year of the Snake, P.I.F.F has 6 classic shoes and boot silhouettes that utilise a hand-stitched leather welt, incorporated with cow hide nappa leather and genuine python skin to go with a bold vibram sole. Each pair is entirely handmade by a specialist artisan with a meticulous eye for detail, creating a conspicuous footwear collection limited to only 500 pairs per design.

P.I.F.F footwear is available online at www.piff.uk.com.