Nusantara Denims: Higher Level Workwear

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source: Alif Ridzuan

If you’re familiar with Tarik Jeans, Nusantara Denims shouldn’t be much of a stranger on the block to you. Founded by the guys of Tarik, this new denim brand outlet in town lies right smack in the middle of buzzing SS15, adding to the already impressive compilation of local businesses in the area.

Nusantara Denims runs much like how Tarik deals with its everyday trade. The difference though is that Nusantara Denims is set for a specific target market that is still untapped. The outlet houses mostly regional premium denim brands, leather goods, as well as any kind of brands related to the denim lifestyle that mostly cater to 2 crowds in the denim scene – the graduates of the denim culture who are also referred to as ‘otais’ – the collectors of vintage denims since the ‘80s – and the undergraduates, the blooming community consisting of denim novices. Nusantara Denims aims to be a platform to mould these communities together as one, making it the hub of local denim culture.

The niche that Nusantara Denims aims to fill provides a chance for the new male archetype to break free from garden variety workwear. Blurring the lines of chic, street culture, sartorial, and workwear into a singular look, the new man if you will, one who is rugged, smart, and masculine without seeming too macho bullsh!t. It helps that some of the brands here seek to revive jeans’ past look as simply beltless sturdy trousers worn by factory workers, which turns out to be quite the hipster apparel now. Nusantara Denims’ supplies Thai labels Indigo Skin (RM669-RM1799), Doku (RM719-RM910) and Fifthrequisite (RM529-849), as well as Indonesian labels Pop Meets Pop (RM299-RM679) and OldBlue (RM359-RM588). Of course, you’d be able to find our very own Malaysian-made Tarik Jeans (RM150-RM399) in store too.

Complementing the premium brands being sold in the store is the interior of Nusantara Denims that is befitting of its namesake. Besides being traditional enough to give you that hint of nostalgia to recall the days when you used to casually play by your kampong, it also screams out loud vintage vibes. Creative Director Alif Ridzuan was deeply inspired to turn the store into an old school garage (or bangsal as he mentioned) whilst keeping the ‘90s era close to heart. Who ever knew how much vintage vibe an old vinyl record, typewriter, sewing machine, and television could bring out? Speaking of sewing machines, the guys are also flying in an in-house tailor from Bandung. So it’s only a matter of time til’ customisation and alteration services will be offered. With a price to pay, of course.

Now that you don’t have to fly all the way to neighbouring countries for bespoke quality denims, you know where you should be spending ‘em hard earned cash. You’ll never know where a good pair of denims will bring you – JUICE is quite sure you’ll be going places, especially if you look mighty dapper.

Brands available at Nusantara Denims
Pop Meets Pop
OldBlue Co.
Tarik Jeans
Field Trip

Nusantara Denims is located at 26, Jalan SS15/8B, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor. The store is open every day; Monday to Friday from 12pm to 11pm and weekends from 1pm to 11pm. For more information and updates, check out Nusantara Denims Facebook page at