Nooka x Hello Kitty

Born in 1974, this mouthless kitty is arguably the world’s most famous (and rich) cat with theme parks and merch under her belt. With collaborations aplenty, this money maker has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world from luxury handbag label Judith Lieber to makeup giant, MAC. But, Hello Kitty’s empire can’t be complete til she conquers hipster territory and thanks to Nooka, Hello Kitty is now king.

Teaming up with Nooka Inc. to create a limited edition timepiece for this iconic kitty, the watch was launched during Hello Kitty’s birthday last November 1, 2011, this special limited edition Zub Zirc features Nooka’s patented Zirc display with a silk screened Hello Kitty graphic paired with a white polyurethane band. The watch retails at RM400 while the toys are retailed at RM110, with a bundle promotion of RM489 at the Hello Kitty x Nooka Launch at Farenheit Atrium from 8-14 January 2012. Hello Kitty fans, get em’ while before they’re sold out!

For more info, click here. If you’d like to get your paws on a limited edition Hello Kitty x Nooka Launch at Farenheit, get the deets in our events listing.