NOMOS Glashütte Tetra neomatik


Make room for squares in your watch collection with these new automatic models for the NOMOS Glashütte Tetra neomatik series.

The Tetra neomatik, the brand’s bestselling series which was sold out almost immediately when it was brought into the market late last year, now comes in two models; one with cyan blue accents on a white silver-plated dial, and the other with matching green details on a deep blue dial. Also featured in the aesthetics are the contrasting neomatik logo in gold, rather than the neon-coloured ones from the first edition, and the Shell Cordovan strap, fitted with NOMOS’ own winged clasp.

These timepieces run on NOMOS’ DUW3001 calibre movement, measuring only at 3.2mm in height, thinner than almost anything else in the self-winding watchmaking world. Not only does it make the Tetra neomatik elegantly slender, tolerances were also halved, and efficiency and precision were significantly improved, as this classic timepiece carries a sportier, more modern and more masculine look compared to the other hand-wound models in the neomatik family.