Nom de Guerre x Adidas Originals Forum Hi

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As of late Adidas Originals have coked up some amazing collaborations with various different artists and designers letting ’em reimagine a pair of Adidas Original kicks. The Five Two 3 Project is their latest venture and sees Adidas Originals putting its head together with 5 different design units from all over the globe. The 1st collabo of the series is by Nom de Guerra, which has designed a Forum Hi which encapsulates the military spirit that the brand has become known for.

Comprising of Holly Harnsongkram, Wil Whitney, Devon Turnbull, and Isa Saalabi, Nom de Guerre is based in New York. Nom de Guerre believes that ‘collective consciousness and collective reasoning is superior to that of the individual ego.’

Nom de Guerre x Adidas Originals Forum Hi comprises of of canvas and leather, in military gray-green similar to that of a combat boots while the white ankle strap extends and pierces through the muted design, acting as dual symbols for bondage and cross. The Nom de Guerre x Adidas Originals Forum Hi is said to available in August along with the other 4 collabos that JUICE will be watching out for. Check back here for more.

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