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IMAGE Keith Chee

When it comes to jewellery accessories, men are miles behind in comparison to their female counterparts. Despite the ones available at fashion houses like Thomas Sabo, Saint Laurent and Givenchy, not every guy can pull off these ready-to-wear pieces of certain fashion style. So, when such selections are limited to the few, what is a man to do? Well, make one for yourself, of course.

We don’t mean DIY your own jewellery accessories, (if you’re proficient with such skills, by all means), but to look for someone who can tailor make accessories not only to your personal style, but to your persona as well.

Vanessa Zapirain, a.k.a Ness, is running the one-woman show behind No Place Custom Metal since September last year, having return from her two-year stint in New York City. Originating from Australia, Ness has perfected the art of body piercing, as well as studied metalsmithing and lost wax casting in Melbourne. From thereon out, it’s only natural that her “heavy metal” career brings her to what she is doing right now – custom made rings.

Ness works with rings cast in .925 and .999 silver, brass, gold and white gold, as she much prefers her creations to carry a bit of weight without the pretence of hollowing them out for that solid feel. During her one year plus business venture, she has received favoured requests for insignia rings, crafted specifically to every person’s character and symbolic gesture. Not only that, Ness is also fluent with wedding rings and bands, bracelets and cuffs, pendants, and more recently, dabbled with brass embellishments and leather accessories.

Besides that, women who are looking for accessories with a little more “me”, No Place Custom Metal is ready to take your order as well!

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