Nixon SS12

Nixon is lookin’ good this season with 5 different collections! Not only do they look amaze balls, they look downright sexy.

Dark Wood / Black

The broody Dark Wood & Black collection (opening pic) is one solid looking collection suited for someone as mysterious as Batman. This extremely handsome collection contrasts black with dark wood grain on the collection’s 8 models: The Magnacon SS, The 51-30, The Chronicle SS, The Spencer, The Mellor Automatic, The Rotolog, The Platform, and The Sentry.


Now this collection here is something truly special. Through Nixon’s complex process of plating and oxidation (that’s rusting, to you and me), each face is unique and comes in the most beautiful (and unpredictable) range of colours and textures. Rich brown Horween leather is used to compliment the Oxyde collection’s rusty hued watch faces, adding an overall vintage feel to this collection. The Oxyde collection models are: The Sentry Leather, The Corporal, The Private, The Mellor and The Time Teller.

Horween x Nixon Heritage Collection

Do you like to get your hands dirty? With Nixon’s collaboration with heritage American tannery Horween, this tough looking collection looks like it’s made to weather the storm. Paired together with high polish stainless steel, this classy collection comes in 5 models; The 51-30 Chrono Leather, The Chronicle, The Corporal, The Private and The Sentry.