Nike Pro Bra Collection

source: Nike Pro Bra

Alright, ladies, it’s a brand new month, and yet another brand new weekend coming up. If you haven’t already, it’s about high time that you raise the bra – we mean, bar! *cough* – to get into shape, and Nike is here to help you out with the right fit and the right support with their new Pro Bra Collection.

An innovative line of sports bras, designed for the body in motion for ever female athlete out there, each with the athlete’s desired level of support in mind. The Nike Pro Bra Collection is the result of more than two years’ worth of research, testing, design and development, for a new sports bra solution; every detail was obsessed with, all the way down to the fibres found in the fabrics, to complement the new Nike Pro 360 Fit System, which employs a Nike-created calculator to help female athletes find their precise size.

The centrepiece of the collection is the Nike Pro Rival Bra, with the highest level of support, offered in 25 sizes to help the female athlete find the right fit. Other key pieces from the Nike Pro Bra Collection includes the Nike Pro Fierce Bra, the Nike Pro Classic, and the Nike Pro Indy Bra.

The Nike Pro Bra Collection is now available at all Nike outlets nationwide.