Nike Lunar Air Force 1 Digital NRG: Digitised Camo

Taking us back to the early ‘80s is multi-billon dollar empire, Nike…aka the geniuses behind the model of Air Force 1. Not only have these shoes revolutionised the street and sport culture, but also created the scene where some of the champion rappers today, are born in. After 30 years of being on top they still manage to turn heads; and if you didn’t get the memo, one particular pair has been hijacking the spotlight from all other kicks.

Nike, proud to announce their 30th anniversary tribute to them Air Force 1’s, has released their latest creation – the Nike Lunar Air Force 1 Digi NRG. Just when you thought camo would go out of style, your eyes are automatically glued to the black and reflective silver-dark grey colourway that blends to make a very pixelated camo pattern. The iconic Nike sign slashed on the sides of regular Air Force 1’s is still included yet it’s hidden in a very blatant manner. It is made to camouflage into the shoes but still allows it to be seen thanks to black base. Nike keeps it basic with the very cool and neutral colour choices and this model proves the statement, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Nike Lunar Air Force 1 Digital NRG is available at just RM599, and is on sale at Sole What.

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