Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit

The first pair of Air Max’s was released some 30 years ago – that’s about the same lifespan as Cristiano Ronaldo, Ciara, and Dave Franco (still swimming in denial about this one). Much like what those personalities have done for their respective industries, the Air Max has played a part in shaping the community it represents.

Since its birth, the Air Max has left its prints across various subcultures that lead to accidentally creating a cult following – remember when Japanese kids were jumping other kids for a pair of Nike’s? Good times. Moving forward with the times and market demands, Nike has since reshaped its most popular silhouette’s technology by incorporating Flyknit’s features into it. We’re basically looking at the lightest pair of Air Max 1’s, ever. Nike’s designer, Ben Yun, constructed the shoe in such a way that the toe and tongue provide ventilation while the heel is given a closed construction treatment to provide more support to its wearer.

View more photos below: AM1_Ultra_Flyknit_2_60365 AM1_Ultra_Flyknit_4_60361 AM1_Ultra_Flyknit_5_60362

The Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit will be available in men’s and women’s sizes and colourways from Thursday 28 July ’16 onwards at all Nike retail outlets. Retails at RM729.