New Balance 578 Tea Pack Collection: Pre-tea Awesome

source: New Balance

No one does it better than the Brits. This goes without saying that JUICE loves all things English, hence why we couldn’t agree more with Boston-hailed lifestyle brand New Balance’s newest Made in UK-themed footwear. Everyone loves a cuppa’ tea and New Balance have exploited this revelation by debuting their latest line, titled the 576 Tea Pack collection, simply through sticking to what the Brits know best. The shoes, available in classic men’s 576 style, are modelled after three types of traditional English teas – Fresh Peppermint, Earl Grey, and of course, the English Breakfast.

Each flavour is evident in the design of the shoe, highlighted by the label illustration on the tongue, the colourway and the matching lace lock. Best known for quality, aside from style, New Balance presents the theme pack with only the best materials; luxury nubuck and pigskin uppers – to name a few. To jazz it up even more by keeping to theme, extra laces are hidden in traditional teabags. Whilst the leaves fall and your fellow friends in the northern hemisphere anticipate the change in season, the combination of the subtle autumn undertones and comfort, all encompassed in a shoe, is the closest you can get to it – which to be honest is all that you actually want.

The Made in UK Tea Pack collection retails at RM 899 and can be found at New Balance stores. Limited Availability.

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