Never Ending Tales With Michael Chuah

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The 8th Crossover Project by Radioactive featured 8 artists who are able to produce creative printing onto T-Shirts in mass amounts. The RDCTV Creative Chaos, aims to collaborate artists and designs in T-Shirt designing through all forms of material usage. JUICE checked them out and here is another one of the 8 aspiring artists!

Michael Chuah is no stranger to the comic scene. His comic serial of “Gengkey” is the first comic in Malaysia to create a vinyl figure. Besides being a comic book artist, he is also a character designer. In 2003, he and two of his friends got together to form The Gilamon Studio where he produced 2 comic series, ‘Major Zombie Jr.’ and ‘Cannibal Boy Private Investigator’. When he produced “Gengkey 100 – The Character Guide” in 2005, he actually created 100 characters that appeared in the book. Champion! Just two years ago, Michael set up another creative branding company called Roots Studio with his partner. He’s currently fiddling with a new character series called “The Never Ending Tales” and other exciting things to come.

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