Muslim Streetwear Anyone?

We’ve seen countless efforts by fashion brands to try and cater to Muslim women’s requirements while still keeping it trendy. We had the Burkini and Islamic athletic wear, but none too successful until a young British Muslim girl took matters – or in this case materials – into her own hands and created a line of modest clothes with an urban twist. Here is Elenany and the young woman that brought you the brand.

Honestly at first, we thought it’s rather unusual for a streetwear brand to cater to the needs of religious Muslim women who would like to keep themselves covered. After all, why bother looking trendy when you’ve already limited your wardrobe to hijabs, thick layers and loose fitting garments? Of course, our biased interpretation of what is fashionable stems for however daring you can be, and if you’re religious, you’ve already chose not to break any rules; and streetwear and the lifestyle around it, is all about just that – how wrong were we. Guess who feels like the unexposed one now?

The brain behind Elenany is Sarah Elenany, a young designer from Surrey, England. The purpose behind the brand is not only to cover up parts besides the hand, face and feet, but also to project an image that is stylish, yet helps a Muslim woman stay within her comfort zone. There are dresses, modern hijabs, pants, coats and jackets. What is really striking about the collection is the cool graphics which changes with every season. For Spring Summer 09, there are Dua – which means “say a prayer” – Throw Ya’ Hands and Testify… all are meaningful gestures in Islam.

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