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A compilation of some of the best grooming kits for the corporate lads aspiring to look like a lumberjack with no intentions of working in the logging industry – and for the ones that aren’t about that facial hair life.

Triumph & Disaster’s Stash Box


A box stocked with apothecary goodness like Old Fashioned Shave Cream, which combines natural ingredients to ensure the smoothest shave; Rock and Roll Suicide Face Scrub, which is to help further kill dead skin pores and renew it simultaneously; and Gameface Moisturiser containing jojoba, ponga fern, and horopito to hydrate and calm the skin. We know, strange ingredients, but good for the skin nonetheless! Plus, how can anyone avoid a brand whose name was based on a Rudyard Kipling poem?

Triumph & Disaster’s Stash Box retails at approx. RM630 and is available here.

Captain Fawcett’s Gift Set

Curated for the gentleman of all seasons, this gift set consists of Captain Fawcett’s finest grooming products such as its Private Stock Beard Oil that’s a blend of sweet almond, jojoba, and vitamin E base oils to soothe and moisturise both the skin and facial hair. Then there’s the Eau De Parfum which has top notes of bergamot and mandarin yielding — how exotic — and a hint of vanilla, sandalwood and moss. Finally, three of its Moustache Waxes in lavender, sandalwood, and ylang ylang scents respectively to ensure a firm hold for your moustache.

Captain Fawcett’s GiftSet retails at approx. RM800 and is available here.

Beardbrand’s Beardsman’s Grooming Kit

This wooden box is made with fine attention to details and has a removable grid insert to separate the products because it does contain quite a number of ‘em. The grooming kit includes three types of combs (a large comb, pocket comb, and a moustache comb), boar’s hair brush made of natural boar bristles which draws dust and excess product from the hair, trimming scissors, Beardbrand’s pride and joy — it’s pocketable moustache wax, and a choice of Beardbrand’s beard oil in either Tree Ranger, Spiced Citrus, and Tea Tree.

Beardbrand’s Beardsman’s Grooming Kit retails at approx. RM900 and is available here.

Razor MD’s Popeye Gift Set

Razor MD teamed up with the illustrated sailor who made spinach look delectable — but we’re on to your lies, Popeye — to create a unique shaving gift set that could double as a collector’s item for hoarders. The set includes three products: 2-oz pre-shave oil packed with the necessary vitamins to prep the skin for a smooth shave, 8-oz shave cream lather which protects the skin from irritation or razor burn, and 4-oz post shave lotion to leave the skin feeling smoother than a baby’s bottom.

Razor MD’s Popeye Gift Set retails at approx. RM300 and is available here.

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