Mosh Out with Levi’s Latest Men’s Taper Fits

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Music has always been in tune with Levi’s identity. Tons of rock stars from Johnny Cash to Cat Power have been caught sporting denim from the brand. It somehow represents the outsiders, the misfits, the rebels, and the subcultures they’ve generated.

With comfort and durability, the iconic 501 jeans from Levi’s have been a staple since 1964. Since then, they’ve released the 501 T (Taper) and it automatically became a fan favourite. It’s 2017 and Levi’s has decided to release two more jeans in honour of these cuts, they’re introducing the 502 Regular Taper and 512 Slim Taper. Now everyone can choose between these three tapered denim jeans for every mood, style, and body type.

Here’s what you need to know about the jeans:

1. 502 Regular Taper

Your everyday classic taper jeans, but with more room for the thighs. Obviously comfortable af, the jeans can be styled by cuffing and rolling them. Retails at RM239.

2. 512 Slim Taper

Now if you want more of a slim fit, then this one is for you. It has a narrower fit throughout the legs. Casual and accessible, this denim comes in non-stretch and stretch denim, so you can stay comfortable. Retails at RM239.

3. 501 Taper

If you’re not familiar with this icon, the evolution of it started from the OG Levi’s 501. It has now transformed into a more fitted look and feel that’s true to size. With a perfect tapered leg, it became the 501 Taper. Also available in non-stretch and stretch denim, it combines comfort and style. Retails at RM359.

The collection is already available at every Levi’s store nationwide.

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