Morning After Benefits

JUICE knows that when it comes to painting the town, partying like a rockstar has its cons. Runny eyeliner and smudged eyeshadow after hours of frollicks ain’t pretty. Good thing Benefit created what we girls should now call “The greatest invention of the century.” Behold ladies, the Justine Case.

There are many reasons why this nifty little box of wonders is JUICE’s top pick for girls who wanna have fun. For one, it contains 4 of Benefits’ most magical products in one portable package:

• Some Kind-a Gorgeous – the foundation faker for a flawless complexion
• Benetint – the sexiest flush you can get from a bottle for lips and cheeks
• California Kissin’ – an aqua gloss for a bright smile and minty breath
• Eyecon – an eye cream that fades dark circles day or night

With this nifty package, you can still look gorgeous partying til dawn, or if you end up pulling an overnighter, safe to say the morning after you’ve got all the tools you need to cover that morning face. Just sayin’.

Justine Case can be found at all Benefit counters.