Miss Sixty SS09

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Guess who are Miss Sixty fans?
Guess who are Miss Sixty fans?

Get ready to experience whiplash. It’s all about being noticed this season as Miss Sixty’s Spring/Summer 2009 Collection creates a new type of 70s style urban superheroine: beautiful, charming and glamorously feminine – all with an ironic tongue-in-cheek attitude. Huh. Sounds a lot like JUICE.

Miss Sixty’s Spring/Summer 2009 Collection is a modern homage to the passionate, freethinking ideals and values of 70s.  Layered silhouettes, softly structured lines and contrasting bold graphics make for big impact and new volumes.   Luxe silk and soft jersey are mixed and matched throughout to create pieces that are simultaneously lightweight and comfortable yet sophisticated and polished.  Nylon, in both solids and psychedelic prints, adds a touch of shine using vibrant colors, shapes and innovative materials. Maximal fashion – glossy lips, layered hair styles, and highly accessorized, body-conscious looks – adds over-the-top glitz to the collection.

Maxi-length skirts and dresses recall the ease of the season, while the balloon treatment is applied to shoulders and skirt hems alike to exaggerate the feminine form.  Overalls, in both long and short styles, are a key item to reinforce the tough-chic attitude of the collection. The signature fabric of Miss Sixty, denim is reinvented for the season with a focus on sexy, curve-hugging feminine fits, something which we’re also seeing in Topshop and even Levi’s latest. Denim truly anchors the collection, which offers an array of washes on silhouettes ranging from shirts to jackets to dresses and one-pieces.

The season’s colour palette spans the spectrum from salmon to green, violet to blue.  Classic nautical stripes are used on the diagonal and in chevrons – on styles from shirts to scarves, bottoms to bags, and butterfly prints recall the 1970s in a way that is more haute than boho while graffiti prints add a hard-edged vibe.

Miss Sixty stores are located here:

Miss Sixty Suria KLCC 110, 1st Floor, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur. T: 03 2382 0183

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