Midriff: Yay or Nay?

It started out innocently enough, with a casual, tiny-bit-too-short baggy tshirt, exposing your middle regions with an air of nonchalance and ease. This season’s runway takes it up a notch (literally), proving that this trend is around for at least a little bit longer. We’ve come a long way since Britney, but should we still be going down this road?

After a long hiatus, exposed midriff started making its way back into our lives in 2009. The tricky part about midriff is that it can get real trashy, real fast. Another mark on the nay side would be that your stomach is a hard place to keep in shape, and if you want to flaunt it, you need to lack it.

From the casual club look to the runway shows this year updates the look by baring the upper part of your torso exposed, leaving your liver, spleen and middle ribs exposed to elements.  Upper midriff is great because it shows a bit of skin with a side of class. As well, the ‘muffin top’ epidemic of the early noughties will thankfully be avoided as waistlines head higher.

So while it looks great on runways and celebs, are we going to be seeing your sexy middle ribs anytime soon?