Melissa Shoes

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Plastic shoes can be found at the pasar malam but they’re often ugly and not very comfortable. But wait! you’ll change your mind once you take a look at these shoes. From Brazil, home of the Amazon rainforest, Melissa makes a wide range of awfully pretty shoes, all made from recycled plastic. Yep, they pride themselves on being a socially responsible company that fully utilizes recycling, from using leftover shoes to recycling 99.9% of waste and water that’s used to make these heavenly shoes.

Unlike those gosh darned horrendous Crocs, JUICE is pretty sure that Melissa is here to stay. Melissa has collaborated with the likes of Alexander Herchcovitch, Campana Brothers, Vivienne Westwood and most recently architect Zaha Hadid, the only female architect to win the the Prtizker prize. How’s that for added girl power?

You definitely can’t go wrong with a company that pays their workers above average wages and benefits, recycles and is in every fashionista’s good books. Drool over all their shoes at their website. The closest place that you can purchase a pair is in Singapore, unfortch.

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