Malaysian Artist Redesigns Iconic Album Covers for Ramadhan

Ameer Naim aka ANEURYSM is a Temerloh-based illustrator and designer. As the punk scene in Malaysia started up north in the ’80s, Ameer spent most of his life in the sleepy Terengganu town listening to rock music from the States and the UK (punk rock, brit rock, alternative, metal, and classic rock to be exact).

Being a practicing Muslim, he decided to re-appropriate his favourite album artworks as Ramadhan greetings back in 2015. While we’re not too sure how bands like The Clash would take to his repurposing of their angst into a message about patience, or how bands who are synonymous with free-will, anarchism and socialism like Sex Pistols, Black Flag and Bad Religion would react to Ameer’s pious redesigns; some of the covers still work (or should we say, kena) even with the new context – like that Iron Maiden album cover and the album covers of local bands The Bollocks, Condemn The Corruptor and Dum Dum Tak.

While all the artworks here carry a message to Muslims about Ramadhan, Ameer still injects his own brand of naive humour for the masses. Hey, it ain’t punk rock unless it makes you raise an eyebrow or two, and that goes for the holy month of Ramadhan too.

Check out his redesigns below:

The Beatles – Abby Road


Bad Religion – The Empire Strikes First


AC/DC – For Those About To Rock


(Radiohead – The Bends)


Linkin Park – Meteora


Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dreams


Nirvana – Nevermind


Blur – The Best Of


Oasis – What’s The Story Morning Glory?


Iron Maiden – Pieces Of Mind


Gorillaz – Demon Days


Condemn The Corruptor


The Clash – London Calling


The Bollocks – Revolution


The Killers – Hot Fuss


Minor Threat


Rage Against The Machine – Battle For Los Angeles


Black Flag – My War


Muse – Black Holes and Revelations


Incubus – A Crow Left of the Murder


Green Day – American Idiot


Dum Dum Tak – Hentikan Penindasan


Descendants – Everything Sucks


Sex Pistols – Nevermind The Bollocks


System Of A Down – Toxicity


Sum 41 – Does This Look Infected?




Rancid – And Out Come The Wolves


Sonic Youth – Goo


Discharge – Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing

More art from ANEURYSM on Instagram (@anxxrysm). Checkout more local design and art talent here.