Malaya Co.


Inspired by military functionality and industrial minimalism, Malaya Co. has produced a collection of watches to cater to the individuality of wearers today. There are two variations; a rose gold coated frame paired with a blue leather strap and a silver coated frame with a tanned brown strap. In addition to the leather straps, customers are also given the choice of choosing a webbed-nylon strap available in five colours; black, grey, green, beige, and ‘merah’ – an exclusive colour for Malaysia. If two straps aren’t enough for you, you have the option of purchasing the other straps individually at RM48 a pop. The watch is light, versatile, and pairs well with just about any number you put on. Malaya Co. is currently based in London but are looking to set up a creative department in Kuala Lumpur to permit collaborative efforts with artists from this region.

Malaya Co. watches retail at RM328 [1 face + 2 straps] and are available for purchase via