Make A Bolt For It

Usain Bolt has done nothing but break records and make fans. One of his most recent record breaking feats was achieved wearing Puma ‘Yaam’ shoes specially made for Usain by Puma. Weighing in at a mere 149 grams, you’re guaranteed a quick getaway….

The Puma blog has chronicled the Puma design team’s trip to Jamaica to undertake the custom spikes. Weighing only 149 grams, the “carbon plate is tranfused directly into the spike to provide extra power”. Apparently the design of the shoe was inspired by the art of Jeff Koons and goodness, what an amazing colour! The orange hue was chosen for its dazzling contrast with blue track in Berlin where the world championships were held.

The Yaam shoes by Puma will be available starting November. JUICE will keep you posted with more details so stay tuned.