MAC False Lashes Mascara

If you’re like me, small-eyed with barely-there eyelashes, then I’m sure you envy all of your friends who are blessed with long lushy lashes. So when I first read the words of MAC’s False Lashes, I thought oh, MAC is launching a collection of fake eyelashes. Turns out it was their new mascara!

False Lashes is said to create an illusion of extensions with volume, made real with a vital new mega multiplication formula, creating extremities of volume and curl for a dramatic wide-eyed look. What makes this mascara different is the ultra-thickening formula combined with the plush-’em-up action of its unique double-lush brush. Sounds like a remedy for us isn’t it? I think I might just try it out so get yours too and be the subject of envy instead.

MAC False Lashes will be available at all MAC stores nationwide in January 2011 for only RM80.