Lost In Style

Feeling lost? No we can’t help you find your bearings (we’re not the bloody Befrienders you know) but JUICE can help you navigate the streets in style with these map inspired fashion items.

Maps are for tourists, which is why we love the direction these wardrobe items are taking. What better way to show your love for a particular location than wearing your map on yor sleeve (ho ho) . Now, if only some savvy fashionista were to suit us up in a Malaysia map or LRT inspired dress/bag/what have you. After all, Merdeka is coming up.

Clockwork from top left
1. Francisâ„¢ Subway Map Print Silk Dress, shop.nordstrom.com
2. Geisha Bunny Black Tokyo Subway Map Slip, Keds, www.zazzle.com
3. NYC Subway Map Mighty Walletâ„¢, www.dynomighty.com
4. NYC Metro Cuffs, www.designhypeinc.com
5. London Tube Map Clutch Purse, www.babygirlboutique.com
6. Paul Smith Black Map Print Rouched Front Shirt Dress, www.psyche.co.uk
7. Collezione ‘Pilipinas’ dress and polo t-shirt, Rhett Eala