Long Live McQueen

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The fashion industry is saddened by the loss of Alexander McQueen. He has pushed the boundaries of fashion with his controversial and anarchic collections. He was a true artist. HellzBellz’s MissLawn pays homage to McQueen with this one-of-a-kind honorary t-shirt that will be sold online.

Proceeds for the t-shirt will go to What Ever It Takes, which McQueen himself was involved with and even design a custom tee for. What Ever It Takes is an organisation in creating awareness of poverty and environmental degradation through young and influential characters of our generation.

This style has been in the works for the Fall 2010 collection, but McQueen’s death, HellzBellz is showing their condolences with this release. These t-shirts will be available now online until 19 February 2010.

Head on over to www.Hellz-Bellz.com for more about the website and click here to get your own tee.

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