Local Celebrity Tees by PopMuseSic

They say dogs are man’s best friend but clearly there must be a mistake somewhere. We at JUICE think that tees are our best friends. We practically live in them – we wear em’ to sleep, when we muck around the house and even when we go to the mamak or out to a party. And how else can I profess my love for cheeseburgers if tees didn’t exist?

Yes tees are awesome, and awesome tees are hard to find, so why don’t you check out Local Celebrity tees, sold under the Pop.Muse.Sic label of Tunku Nadia of DJ duo Twinkies and songstress Melissa Indot. The Spring 2011 tees for men and women come with fun, cheeky taglines like “Sup brah!” and “You lost me at hello” that might come in handy when you’re lost for words. It might come in handy when a “talk to the hand” moment comes about. Handy, geddit? We crack ourselves up.

All 2011 ‘Local Celebrity’ are priced at RM125 while all tank dresses are RM130 but if you catch the promo happening right now, you get 25% on a 2010 collection tee with every purchase of this season’s 2011 Local Celebrity tee. Better yet, because PopMuseSic loves all of you JUICE readers out there, they are giving you a 25% discount on past season’s ‘Local Celebrity’ tees if you email your orders and the copy of your payment deets to [email protected] with the email subject titled “PMS LOVES JUICE!”

Check out PopMuseSic’s tees below and if you like what you see, go get em at www.popmusesic.com.