Nautically Themed Rapper Lil Yachty and Apparel Brand Nautica Make for the Perfect Collaboration

Lil Yachty’s capsule collection with American apparel brand Nautica is potentially what consumers can expect to see in the near future since he was just named its Creative Director earlier this year.

For this collection, entitled ‘The Lil Yachty Collection by Nautica’, the self-proclaimed King of the Youth designed 19 pieces ranging from apparels to accessories; including fleece bomber jackets, cargo shorts, reversible bucket hats, graphic tees, and other silhouettes that reflect on Lil Yachty’s personal style. That means most of the items are set in bright primary colours, so definitely not for the monochromatic hearts.

Fans of the Teenage Emotions artiste can rejoice knowing that the collection will be making its way to Malaysia at the end of this month. Praise be that it’s not just something you can appreciate through a screen!

View the campaign photos below:

The collection will be available exclusively at Nautica’s store in Pavilion at the end of October.

More information here.