Levi’s Xmas Gift Sets

There are 2 types of people: People who relish the thought of Christmas shopping, and those who don’t. IIf you are the latter then gift sets being sold at shops are the way to go, sort of like the ‘bento’ of gifts. This year, Levi’s joins in the gift set bandwagon to offer Levi’s gift sets for Him and for Her. Each set includes a belt made of genuine tanned leather, 2 exchangable buckles that are packaged in a box that can be turned into a picture frame. And you say there’s no such thing as a good deal! More snaps and retail details after the jump.

The gift set for Him is retailed at RM289  while the gift set for Her is retailed at RM239. Both gift sets will be available in Levi’s stores from November 2009.