Levi’s ‘We Are Original’ Campaign

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No birthday is complete without a grand party — it doesn’t matter the age that’s being celebrated, it only happens once a year, so make it bigger than the last! — and reminiscing the good ol’ days. 2016 marks 143 years since Levi’s® began producing the finest quality denim mere mortals have had the pleasure of donning. To celebrate this milestone, the lifestyle brand invited 28 Malaysian personalities from various creative backgrounds for its latest social media campaign entitled ‘We Are Original’. The objective is crystal clear; Levi’s has long been an advocate of originality, storytelling, and personalised garments — while respecting its core values, the artistic approach for this particular campaign emphasised each individual’s personal style in a sense that the styling had to represent their aesthetics and personalities accurately.

Take graffiti artist (and the aspiring table tennis player) Cloakwork (pictured above) for instance — he is covered in paint and has spray cans in his vicinity; he is in his element. A few other notable people to look out for in the ‘We Are Original’ campaign is the legendary frontman of a local rock band, Amy Search; the brains behind Minut Init Art Social, James Ly and Dali; and the songstress that has the capability of sending shivers down a person’s spine just by singing, Najwa Mahiaddin, just to name the few who participated.

Levi Strauss Malaysia’s Commercial Director, Anitha Narayanan said, “The people who wear Levi’s® have always been the inspiration for our brand. The intention of this campaign is to celebrate how the world ‘Lives in Levi’s®’ by blending storytelling with social media on a global scale. As an advocate of originality and authenticity, ‘We Are Original’ captures the collective power of diverse individuals and what it means to wear denim that is uniquely theirs. Levi’s® asserts denim leadership and cultural significance with iconic products that made the brand great and forever relevant.”

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