Levi’s Modern Vintage Launch @ The Library

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Last Thursday Levi’s celebrated their new ‘Modern Vintage’ campaign with a media launch party at The Library that really knew how to please the crowd with their drinks, food, entertainment and not forgetting the main attraction, the jeans.

Walking into a bar at 3pm on a Thursday afternoon – or any afternoon is always good thing especially when there is an event taking place. Levi’s did mucho to keep someone occupied and happy with distractions while we waited for the event to begin. Oh my, a pint of Hoegaarden how can I resist?

After scouring the vicinity for a good viewing spot (with seats) I headed to the bar. Lo and behold there was no shortage of food. With the limitless flow of chocolate truffles (with a choice of dark, milk or white) and mini burgers going around, I was starting to forget what I came here for.

The show started soon enough at around 4pm and Sarah Lian took the stage as the host of the event. Sarah explains that the ‘Modern Vintage’ campaign strings the past with the present by drawing inspiration from Levi’s past archives and reinterpreting it for the present to create a new collection. Sarah then announced the fashion show that featured local celebs like Joey G and Marion Caunter among others strutting – some even dancing up and down the stage to unveil the ‘Modern Vintage’ launch.

To end the party Hunny Madu took the stage to belt out some tunes accompanied by Bo on the guitar. You know what was the highlight of the launch? Bedsides the jeans and the food, of course. The highlight was when this young boy took the stage and started beatboxing and my goodness was he good. He totally  commanded the stage and had everyone cheering for the boy. Shawn Lee is apparently the 9th best beatbox-er in the world and has just participated in the Beatbox Battle World Championship. Levi’s was also kind enough to give us a leather notebook which we will no doubt sell on Ebay? Haha I kid, I kid.

Levi’s ‘Modern Vintage’ was launched at The Library on 26 November 2009. To take a closer look at Levi’s latest collection, log on to www.levismodernvintage.com. The ‘Modern Vintage’ Collection will be launched at all Levi’s stores in Malaysia come January 2010.