Levi’s CurveID Measures Up

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Decisions, decisions. Having confirmed my attendance at the Levi’s Curve ID junket, last week I had to pop over to Levi’s Empire Gallery store and pick out a pair. So people, what should it be: skinny black trews or tight snakeskin effect?

A little about Levi’s CurveID. As we’re not all in possession of long skinny legs and pert bums, finding a pair of jeans that fit comfortably in a style you like can be a headache. Levi’s Curve ID is like fashion aspirin, it’s about finding a pair right for your shape. In my case my headache is finding one that fits on the waist and hips. Sure I could starve myself into a pair but often it’s not about size. You could drop a size and still be faced with the same fit issues. That is because that is your shape. So just as a hair dresser will tell you not to fight your hair type, Levi’s CurveID is about working with what you’ve got … and making the very most of it.

Finding a fit that works involves going to a Levi’s store and getting measured up. It only takes a few minutes and your measurements will tell you what kind of fit you should be wearing for your shape: Bold Curve, Demi Curve or Slight Curve.

I sit somewhere between a Demi and Slight Curve, which means I have a few issues that these fits will take care of: 1. jeans that fit on the legs but won’t button up, and muffin tops. Yes, the truth is hard but fortunately finding the right fit means I never have to hear that again. The Bold Curve is for women who have larger, rounder bums. If you identify with a pair of jeans that gapes in the waistband on the back (cause you may have had to opt for a larger waist), then Bold Curve is for you.

So now that I knew which section of the store I should be looking in, time to choose a style: skinny, straight, or bootcut. They come with all sorts of details:  with Swarovski crystals on the back pockets, down the outside legs, beading, bold thread work, and in a choice of indigo, black and worn in washes. Keeping it relatively fuss-free, I shortlisted the skinny black and the snake skin effect jeggings which come with zips on the back of the ankle and are pretty rad. OKay so I went home with the safer option but don’t say I don’t take risks – they’re my first pair of black jeans.