Alter Your Denim with Levi’s Latest Collection

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How you wear your denim says a lot about you. The universally loved fabric is so easy to wear and is a necessity if you think about it. What’s even cooler is when you customise them. Levi’s, being at the forefront of quality denim for the real heads, realises that they were the perfect canvas for self-expression.

There’s just something about patches, rips, tears, pins, or even paint that can elevate the simple denim into a unique and irreplaceable item. It’s a standout piece that can be paired with basically anything. Levi’s has made it easier for you as they’ve recently introduced the latest Levi’s Altered Collection for Fall 2017. In their words, “A collection that epitomises our creative approach to remastering classic designs.”

For both men and women or whatever gender that’s true to you, Levi’s has deconstructed and altered their iconic denim to create unique pieces with simple customisations. They have added their favourite tweaks such as twisted seams, covered coin pockets, and staggered shadow patches. Levi’s keeps it simple though, as there will still be room for your own alteration.

To help you choose, here’s the full Levi’s Altered Collection:

The collection is already available at every Levi’s store nationwide.

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