Being inherently fashionable and impeccably stylish is difficult. Luckily, it comes easily to the fashionably blessed; Jacinta Cheng, Joyce Wong and Michelle Pong, all of whom have started Leftblock, a website borne from their passion in fashion and desire to spread individualistic style. Leftblock offers limited edition pieces that are made in Malaysia, designed and tailored for everyday wear. They also sell one of a kind vintage pieces, sourced carefully and lovingly handpicked from Melbourne.

The 3 Leftblock founders are all experts in the world of fashion, Jacinta Cheng is an interior designer, who runs a fashion and styling blog www.travinia.blogspot.com. Then there’s Michelle Pong, a fashion android who co-founded Project Muffstit, a Melbourne based guerrilla fashion site and e-shop. Now based in KL, she runs the food joint Fat spoon, you can read her fashion inspired ideas on www.stitstit.blogspot.com. Joyce Wong is KL’s notorious fashion blogger, seen at every event to be seen at in town, she’s the founder of Tongue in Chic and writer of Southeast Asia’s first regional fashion blog, www.KinkyBlueFairy.net. These women wanted to get clothes they wanted to wear, but hard to get. Through this, they decided to make their own, tailoring pieces to their own design specifications.

On Leftblock, you’ll be able to find incredibly chic vintage pieces, and amazing clothes that you always wish you had. Prices are retailed in AUD and once you order online, it takes 5-14 days for delivery. If you find that your shopping options are lacking, and don’t want to be part of a mass all wearing the same Topshop clothes, then Leftblock is where it’s at.

Be part of the in style crowd by heading to www.leftblock.com. If you’re purchasing and you’re from Malaysia, clothing will be shipped via express mail or you can pick up purchases from Fat Spoon Cafe in Damansara Uptown.