Le Male Terrible

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A new male fragrance from French fashion designer and grand couturier Jean Paul Gaultier, Le Male Terrible is for the bad boys of the 2010s. The original Le Male is the number one selling men’s fragrance in the European Union, but it’s seductive counterpart Le Male Terrible is the original fragrance pushed to the extreme, and is about to take over.

Classified as an eau de toilette extreme, Le Male Terrible attacks with a massive dose of freshness. There’s a bittersweet grapefruit encounter with a sparkle of pink pepper, and powerful lavender scents. Finished off with a hint of vetiver, an Indian perennial grass from the Poaceae family, there’s also sweet vanilla and sensuous ambery musk notes. Le Male Terrible is a subtle, yet more extreme fragrance for men – fresh, sensuous and incisive. Made for the ultimate bad boy in mind, this incredibly sexy fragrance is for the playful, charming and electrifying.

Le Male Terrible is available from the 1st of September 2010 onwards, from all Jean Paul Gaultier counters nationwide. For more info, go to www.jeanpaulgaultier.com.

Le Male Eau de Toilette 75ml RM230
Le Male Eau de Toilette 125ml RM323.

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