Lacoste x Hayden Christensen

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What is Hayden doing? We often ask ourselves this question when we ponder the fate of the boy who (alongside Lucas’ sudden love for kiddie schmaltz) contributed to the destruction of the Star wars franchise. Well there is life after cinematic turkeys (Jumper, Awake) after all. Canadian actor Hayden Christensen is the new face for Lacoste’s new male fragrance Challenge and he’s even doing his own stunts for the ad.

According to Lacoste Frangrances Global Marketing Director Andreas Gerber, the handsome Hayden “perfectly captures the modern spirit of the brand.” And why not? He’s young, stylish and dynamic, which are more than the main qualities needed to get anyone’s attention these days. Usually a sex tape suffices.

Check out the making of video of the Lacoste Challenge ad here. The award-winning actor will be seen in New York, I Love You with heavyweights Orlando Bloom, Kevin Bacon, Ethan Hawke, Natalie Portman, Shia LeBouf and a whole lot others soon. And some of you may be thrilled to hear that Jumper 2 has been announced for 2011.

Now go smell like Hayden.

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