Lacoste Pitto Uomo FW10

Why are we always unhappy with the weather wherever we are at? Mat Sallehs make their way to warmer climates to chase after the sun while we on the other hand, have the coldest malls in town and with every chance we get, escape to the coldest of countries. Goes to show, the grass probably is greener on the other side. Well its time and summer is ending on the other side of the world so brands like Lacoste are already launching their lovely collection of jackets and coats and we just can’t help but feel jealous.

It sounds romantic, this idea of jet setting across the Atlantic on your private jet. Lacoste takes inspiration from making that “Atlantique crossing to Vermont and Madison Avenue” for its latest sportswear and club collection. Imagine the colours of an Indian Summer of reds, ochres, rusts, and yellows paired with ginghams and corduroy.

The highlight of the collection are the plaids and the trend of the season is knitwear – Norwegian Style Jacquard to be exact. ‘We wanted it to be warm, autumnal and very soft,’ creative director Christophe Lemaire adds. ‘Clothes you want to wrap yourself in.”

That Lacoste collection is for when you have reached your stopover at Vermont, but what about the journey? Traveling the “Atlantique” comes to mind for their sportswear collection. ‘We started to work on a more luminous line than usual, with mottled and denim effects in knitwear and a whole range of blues extending into grey with notes of inferno red for men and a madder red for women,’ Lemaire continues. For women, this is seen on the buttoned crew-neck jacquard cardigan in extra fine merino wool, styled tight over a striped turtle neck and stretch satin jeans.

And when your stopover is done and it’s time to jet set to Noo Yawk to head to Madison Avenue, the Club line comes into play.  For the men, there’s a wool pea coat worn like a jacket over a long sleeve striped polo and a pair of tweed trousers. Imagine if you will a sleeveless cardigan in extra fine merino, paired with a silk shirt and straight-legged gabardine pants and topped off with a knitted baby alpaca cap. Oh, we can only picture such a moment it in our dreams! Oh well…

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