Lacoste Love Of Pink

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Wanna know what it smells like to fall in love? Come March 15, Lacoste Love Of Pink will be the first permanent sister to Lacoste Touch Of Pink. The fragrance is created for young women with a fiery passion for love. In other words, the hopeless romantic. The irresistible new fragrance captures the essence of being in love.

Warm, romantic, delightfully feminine and energetic, this unique scent combines a blend of zesty ingredients, softened by a floral heart and a sensual woody, musky dry down.

The Lacoste Love Of Pink bottle comes in a slender frosted glass that narrows gently to a waistline slightly reminiscent of the overall shape of Lacoste Touch Of Pink. This combined with the bright pink juice of Love Of Pink melts even those whose heart have turned to stone.

Lacoste outlets are located at 1-Utama Shopping Centre and Starhill Gallery. Visit

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