KTZ SS16 Menswear Collection

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“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” as the old saying goes, and the London-based contemporary label KTZ puts the words in their mouths with the rather eco-conscious SS16 collection.

The collection, first premiered at the London Collections: Men show in mid-June last year, takes after the works of artist Chris Burden, titled ‘Metropolis II’, a complex, large-scaled and kinetic sculpture modelled after the fast-paced modern city, and how a child’s imagination and innocence, before the pressure and expectations of society are set upon us, can be recaptured.

It features a layered mix of unusual industrial materials, such as paper, cardboard, rubber, plastic, aluminium, nylon, and electrical tape. Architectural fabrics and elements that encourage recycling are also prevalent throughout the collection in an attempt to develop something beautiful and unexpected – the idea of endless possibilities and infinite potential during our innocent years, when one can invent one’s own character and be whomever one wants to be, is returned here.