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Text+Images Ellyn Patricia

It was the usual lazy Sunday when Made by Kraft caught JUICE’s attention one frenzied Lapsap Junkyard Sale ago. Masterminded by Aaron, 27, and Melissa, 23, Made by Kraft is so fresh it’s barely got the wrapping off, but that hasn’t stopped the punters taking a shine to the produce. The duo’s name tag, gun brooch and pendant, mini cassette pendant and trucker cap with cassette are already in demand.

“We pretty much get inspired by the surroundings, music and also people,” says Aaron of the project. We pay attention to what people do, even the simplest thing. Speaking of the nametags exclusively, Aaron says, “We were inspired by school days when you had to wear name tag. So we came out with the name tag idea, but instead of your name, we printed up things like “Electric Beat” and “Electro Luv”. Describing their work as “Electric, peculiar, indie, kitschy”, Made by Kraft items are also produced in limited numbers which means you can expect to see new designs fairly often.

For a piece, contact Melissa at [email protected] or Aaron at [email protected].

This report was published in the February 2008 issue of JUICE.