KOZO’s Episode Two ‘Conquer From Within’ Lookbook

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Each piece from KOZO’s second collection plays with asymmetrical lines and structure – two features that are synonymous with ensuring the most flattering silhouette to the person wearing it. The colour palette consists of four well-loved shades; white, blue, green, and black. The star-piece from this collection is the jumpsuit named ‘Cait’ – it can be worn in three ways and has detachable straps, think of how much space you’d be able to save when travelling if you had something like this in your suitcase.

KOZO was inspired to create its ‘Conquer From Within’ collection by women who are able to find strength and confidence from within themselves. When we visualise who the human equivalent of ‘Conquer From Within’ would be, an image of Angelina Jolie comes to mind. She’s someone that definitely does not seek validation from anybody but herself, plus she would be that person who kicks multiple asses while wearing six-inch heels, pearl earrings, and probably clothes that look like they belong in this collection. She’s in a league of her own – much like KOZO.

Check it out below:




The prices for Episode Two from KOZO range from RM159 to RM199. The garments are available at FABSPY in Mid Valley and ThisAppear Plus in Bangsar. Follow Kozo here