Know Macbeth

Text Kevin Yeoh
Image Show Up Pictures

No, these Macbeth shoes are not yet available in Malaysia yet. JUICE got the exclusive and found out that the label will be invading our stores and hitting our feet and consequently the streets soon enough. The master plan of Tom DeLonge formerly of Blink-182, now with Angels & Airwaves, MacBeth footwear was named after the darkest of Shakespeare’s famous plays. The macabre tale makes fitting inspiration for the scary rock loving music types currently rocking the brand.

If you’re down with your English Lit, then you’ll know that the underlining message of Shakespeare’s cautionary tale is one of greed and its downfall. Founded in 2001 the brand takes that message to heart. These days, the brand with the pennant shaped logo uses only vegetable fibres, synthetic leathers and water-based glue in its vegan products and does not supporting any animal bi-products. Sweet! It’s a message that resonates with forward thinking but fashionably conscious So-Cal state of mind too. With a huge family comprising of Angels and Airwaves, My Chemical Romance, Bloc Party, Taking Back Sunday and Switchfoot amongst a long list of music, surf and skate already rockin’ these sneaks some of which include special collabs with band members, Malaysia’s own Pop Shuvit is well ahead of the curve and wore their Macbeth’s exclusively at this year’s AIM award show. Recognise!

Go surf to look at the pretty shoes and selection of tees while waiting for them to arrive in Malaysia or check the JUICE crew feet. You’ll be wringing your hands and suffering sleepless nights when you do!

This report was published in the July 2008 issue of JUICE.