Kittie Yiyi ‘Somewhere Over The Skittles’ SS16 Collection


Kittie Yiyi makes no attempt at keeping her committed relationship with rainbows a secret. Her love for vibrant colours translates across her entire branding — from her personal beauty looks to her label’s designs to its lookbooks — there’s not a smidgen of black to be found unless it’s the model’s hair and even then it’s a dark brown. Her SS16 collection entitled ‘Somewhere Over The Skittles’ — it would’ve cost too much to use the Wizard of Oz lyric everyone sings subconsciously each time a rainbow is in sight or mentioned in a sentence (like what you’re doing right now) — consists of twelve designs; from tailored jackets to evening dresses, Kittie has her smart-casual track covered. Besides the very obvious rainbow inspiration behind this body of work, the ’50s played a part in the process too. This is evident within the pleated skirts, longline blazers, and multicoloured stripes — think of it as a brighter wardrobe for Elaine Benes if broadcast networks created a present day version of her. There are also a few pieces in white to remind us of simplicity, though it’s far from clean. Instead, Kittie uses the white dresses as a canvas for brush strokes, unicorns, and other illustrations that are suited for a children’s book. This design choice was to emphasise Kittie’s playful style – after all, she refers to herself as “a girl that refuses to grow up.” Maybe it would do good for other local designers to stop growing up too; that mundane monochrome palette is getting tired already.

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Price ranges from RM319 to RM699. Available here