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Up Your Hip Quotient
Kipling’s Hip Line caters to the trendsetter within everybody. Yes, deep inside each and every one of you there’s an attention-starved mini you. Except mini you’s more ready to take sartorial risks and probably manages to successfully pull them off. Fresh off the runway, metallics are in, as are velvets, and they’re making their way on your nearest Kipling Hip bag. Choose from bags of all sizes to put the finishing touches on your outfit. Feminine and sleek, the Kipling monkey has been momentarily replaced by Robomonkey, its cooler, glossier sibling. Even before hitting stores, Patent Katie has been dubbed by the likes of and as the next IT bag. So get in on it before the Hollywood peroxide blonde.

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Dressed Up Casual
Kipling’s Thrill Leather Collection is brimming with strong designs of uncluttered lines and clever, intricate details meticulously crafted from brilliant Italian leather. Think designer but not over the top. With a wide range of rich colours to choose from: Elm Green, Classic Brown, Trendy Smokey Grey or Timeless Black, there’s a bag to match any outfit in your closet. Kipling’s Thrill collection pays homage to everybody’s favourite IT model Agyness Deyn with their Agyness bag, a quirky A4-sized bag complete with personalized hardware. With wallets and handbags of all varieties, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Designer looks for less.





A Little Bit of Rock ‘n’ Roll
What do Kate Moss and Axelle Red have in common? Other than the ability to drop serious cash on villas whenever they fancy? In comes Kipling’s Vintage Leather collection, a range of bags dripping with unadulterated rock’n’roll. Melding tough with femininity and originality with high-quality, Kipling has got everything covered right down to the tiniest of details. Suplementing the usual Kipling monkey with a tougher, metal Rock Monkey, you know Kipling means business. Look out for Jannu I, a medium-sized cross-body bag, Siza, the trendy and ever-convenient bowling bag and Markis, a roomy, oversized shoulder bag. All models come in Camel, Oil Green, Dark Brown and Bordeaux colours. Of course what’s rock chic without black? Suit up, lace up, grab your Kipling Vintage Leather bag and rock out.





Kipling turns up the thermostat a couple notches with their Winter collection. Dress up your otherwise dreary winter/autumn-appropriate duds with this range of colour and print-happy bags. Stocking the basic necessities, rationalize to your heart’s content. You need a wallet? They’ve got it. Belt? They’ve got it too. And of course there’s never a shortage of trendy purses from the Kipling camp. Equally trendy woolly hats and gloves are a must to keep your head and fingers toasty to swipe those credit cards. Keep chic while remaining comfortable. With everything from small accessories to shoulder bags of all sizes and even various types of suitcases, they’ve a bag for your every need. Basic bags are always in style. Especially when they come in Rhubarb, Cassis, Espresso Brown, Slate Grey, Ongoing Red, True Blue, Blue Jean and Black. Phew. With so many colours to choose from, go crazy.






Bags and the City
Fancy looking as chic as those pesky New Yorkers? Have your Kipling City collection bag at the ready. Although only 2 seasons old, the collection has proven successful amongst consumers worldwide. We don’t blame them – smart yet feminine bags should be staples in every lady’s wardrobe. Dress up your casuals or dress down your formals, these bags do the job and man do they do it with style. Newcomer Yodie is sure to be this Autumn’s top seller. Trendy yet functional with compartments for your mobile and iPod, the City bags are just what every city girl or city girl-aspiring country bumpkin needs. From Ester, a cute little shoulder bag to Joanne S, the iconic handbag with a detachable strap, Kipling has designed this range specially to meet the needs of the lady on the go. The bags are centered on the hottest colours this season like Prune Pink, Warm Taupe, Coffee Brown, Onion Blue and the new Ink Patent.




Trendspot with Kipling
Kipling’s G*rilla Girlz Collection is for the trendy, girly, crazy, funky girl within you. The one who mixes her clothes and puts on what she likes when she likes, wearing them loud and proud. The G*rilla Girlz accessories add spunk to your already eclectic wardrobe. This season’s must-have on everybody’s lips, the Zouk L is splashed with Fun Scales, contrasting yet complementing colours, and an edgy green-black-white print. Apart from that, it’s still roomy enough to house your life. Highly affordable, the bags are set to sell like hot cakes, except without the empty calories. Indulge.

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