Kiehl’s Holiday Season Offerings

Pressed for Christmas gift ideas? Head over to Kiehl’s to solve your gift woes with their exclusive new additions guaranteed to please the senses. With 4 new ranges: Gradefruit, Coriander, Lavender and “Pear Tree Corner”, each range comprises the body scrubs and liquid hand soaps, leaving you with lots of options to choose from. Their newly-introduced Gently Exfoliating Body Scrubs exfoliate the skin, polishing it to a smooth, softened, even texture all the while retaining moisture and leaving behind a lingering scent. The Scented Liquid Hand Soaps are gentle yet effective, and great for everyday use, promising to prevent dryness and leave the skin smoother and softer. Keep your loved ones smelling yummy this Christmas with exclusive gift sets with prices starting at RM140. After all, when it comes to Kiehl’s, you know that quality is what counts.

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