Kaufmann’s ‘Vesper & Primadonna’ Collection

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The key to our hearts — besides pretty packaging — is practicality. We love multipurpose products because it saves us from having to buy two different items and expanding our storage space, duh. Take day-to-night bags for example; we’ve been caught too many times carrying ‘day’ bags during an evening event, not by choice, rather we don’t have enough strength to lug multiple bags with us all day just in case there’s a last minute event to attend, which is why we think Kaufmann’s latest ladies collection — entitled ‘Vesper & Primadonna’ — is rad. This collection is about versatility; take Primadonna, it has an interchangeable flap to switch the bag from being not-too-flashy-for-the-office to glitter-brighter-than-Mariah-for-dinner — how convenient is that? Then there’s Vesper; leather bags for the luxurious woman who’s always on the go. Both collections include clutch bags, purses, and a 3-in-1 wristlet.

Check it out below:

KLB0007-2 PINK (1) KLB0007-2 BLACK (1)


KLW0007-3 BLACK (1)

The price range for both Vesper and Primadonna ranges from RM400 to RM1200. The bags are available at House of Leather and Kaufmann boutique outlets.