Katharine Hamnett Has A Message

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It was the boys from Wham! that popularised the slogan tee with their ‘Choose Life’ message back in the 80s. George Michael, Andrew Ridgley (who?!) also popularised the shuttlecock-down-the-front-of-the-tight-white-tennis shorts look but that’s another story. Anyway it seems you can’t keep a good trend down as designer Katharine Hamnett has decided to relaunch her line with a conscious slogan fashion line – and in organic cotton too to bring it bang up to date.

It seems timely what with warring nations and global warming that the Buddhist-inspired ‘Choose Life’ t-slogan tee should make a comeback. Katharine wants you to reject negativity too and voice your positive opinions on your chest with the help of her bold and minimal t-shirts, tank dresses, hoodies and totes.

Her new designs include the messages: ‘Clean Up or Die’, ‘Education not Missiles’, ‘Stop Killing Whales’, ‘Save the Rainforests’, ‘No War’, ‘Leaders Suck’, ‘Worldwide Nuclear Ban Now’ and the ironic (or is that hypocritical?) ‘No More Fashion. Unfortunately it also includes the message ‘Bring Back God’.

Katharine explains: “Nobody knows how life started. Darwinism is just part of the answer and all other possibilities have to be considered including a supernatural one. The right to believe in God is one of our civil liberties.” As is the right to believe in the Spagetti Monster, Kate…. Perhaps she should rethink her strategy more thoroughly and then she can release a tee that says, ‘The God Delusion’. Bleh.

If you are still into Katharine’s sloganeering, head over to www.katharinehamnett.com to get one. Available for men and women as a tee or vest dress for £40 a piece, in a hoodie version for £78 or as a tote at £35.

Source G Living