Katfood’s Almost Edible Beauty Stuff

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We’re suckers for beauty products that are packaged well — it’s one of the reasons that our beauty shelf is overflowing with products and our bank account weeps as much as it does — and are made with natural contents. Katfood is a Singaporean beauty brand that creates its products using organic, raw, and unprocessed ingredients to better your skin’s condition without the potential effects chemicals are known to give. The products are not made to last for a long period of time so if you’re the type to stock beauty products and keep it within its wrapper for an entire year; Don’t bother scrolling down. All of Katfood’s products are delivered in small batches and zero fillers, which ensures freshness and stays true to its no-chemical or preservatives beliefs.

Here are some of our favourite products:

Not A Hint Deodorant (approx. RM45)

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Rumours of non-organic deodorant causing breast cancer hasn’t been proven yet, but it’s still a scary thought and we’re all about that ‘prevention is better than cure’ type of life. Katfood’s deodorant is made of coconut oil, arrowroot powder, baking soda, vitamin E, and tea tree oil. We’re digging the glass bottle + dropper packaging but it can be a bit tricky to use as the thickness of the liquid is difficult to be absorbed by the dropper. Nevertheless, it smells great and it’s not sticky!

Cuckoo For Cocoa Dry Shampoo (approx. RM42)

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Shampooing our hair everyday is a tedious task but when dry shampoos were created it enabled our laziness to greater lengths until we realised the off-white powder that most dry shampoos come in left our hair looking as if it slept on a dusty pillow. This dry shampoo is made of cocoa — perfect for dark hair! — and takes away all traces of oil while giving it a little ‘bounce’ without us looking like we’re hopping on the grey-hair bandwagon. This product is highly recommended for the people who go home too late to wash their hair and wake up late for work and have no time to get ready properly in the morning — us, basically.

Green Special-Tea Handy Hand Salve (approx. RM42)

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This hand salve is made with a little bit of nourishing shea butter, some green tea, a hint of lavender, and a whole lotta coconut oil. It’s the most effective moisturiser your hands and dry weenus (the fleshy bit at the end of your elbows, no, we’re not joking) will have the pleasure of having contact with. The scent is a perfect balance of green tea and lavender, and it’s packed in something similar to a lip balm’s container so it won’t take up much room in your bag. Speaking of lip balms, Katfood’s John Lemon Lip Balm is the bee’s knees; it’s sour and sweet at the same time (think: lemon tarts!) and will moisten dry lips in no time. Hydrate or dry, people.

Place your orders at Katfood’s website.

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