JXKL’s Flora Necklaces


JXKL is an online boutique that creates handcrafted accessories using plant life and the appearances of a bullet as its frame. The brand has been active for over a year and has since released three collections, ‘Make Love, Not War’, ‘Eternity’, and ‘Sentinels’, with only the first two of which featuring flora. What’s the point in purchasing a plant-powered-accessory that would decay since they are living things you ask? Fret not! The ‘Make Love, Not War’ collection is a self-sustaining Holland Moss closed terrarium whereas the flowers of ‘Eternity’ have undergone a frosting technology, so its size and appearance will remain the same for up to 10 years without much care. However, because it is an indoor flower and will be exposed to more sunlight than it’s used to, it’s advised to water it once a month just to help prolong its lifespan. The good couple behind JXKL has even written out an extremely detailed guide on how to do just that to make life easier.

How gorgeous are these necklaces though?!

Check them out below:

Each JKXL necklace retails from RM120 to RM150. Click here for more information.