Just For The Boys

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Boys, they love to roll around in the dirt and get all their clothes mucky – even when they’re 30. Mama boy’s mamas/girlfriends/wives can rejoice because low and behold someone actually thought of pants that are durable, water resistant and self cleaning, biatches. Because we all know, boys can’t clean up for themselves.

These wonderful pants are from an NY based company called Outlier, a company that believes in ‘tailored performance’. This company truly believes that cycling “is the best form of urban transit in the 21st century” and they have wonderful apparel that was made on the principal that clothes should give someone the freedom of movement. Outlier also states that they “refuse to compromise quality and ethics, using the best materials out there that meet the highest environmental standard.”

Outlier’s latest is the Workwear Pants that is stripped down to its most minimal to give you boys pure function for the 21st century. Says the website “We didn’t study some long dead miner’s trousers and then carefully distress the garment to match. We didn’t track down some antique loom and use it to make our fabric exactly the way it was back then.”

The material used for these pants are called Outlier Doubleweave canvas (Condura on the outside, soft brushed back on the inside) which can take serious beating yet feel super comfy. Best part is that it comes with something called the ‘self-cleaning lotus treatment’. It is so OMFG amazing, JUICE had to quote it right off the site because its really off the hook.

It states ” It stretches with you as you ride your bike, but drapes like a pro as you walk indoors. It’s abrasion resistant and wicks moisture away from your body. In light rain, it’s water resistant and raindrops bead up and roll away. In a downpour? It’ll saturate eventually but nothing’s perfect and once you are in the clear, it’ll dry out in no time (10 to 20, usually.)

As for the Lotus, that’s our name for what the Schoeller people call “nanosphere” or “self-cleaning”. It’s a nano tech fabric treatment modeled after the surface of a lotus leaf, no lie. What that means is that the surface is a fractal with no repeating surface structure upon which oil or stains can bond. We’ve been known to pour coffee and red wine straight onto our pants. Usually it just rolls off. Occasionally a bit might actually dry down, but it too will roll right off if you splash some water over it.

We aren’t too comfortable with that phrase “self-cleaning” but this is some pretty nice fabric. It wears harder and needs way less cleaning than your average fabric. It’s extremely comfortable, resists wrinkles, fading and odors too (just a bonus). In other words, a seriously versatile fabric for all 4 seasons.

To top it off, it’s made to the bluesign environmental standards of Switzerland. The fabric is woven and dyed in a manner which minimizes waste, reduces emissions and avoids the toxic chemicals common in much of the textile industry. In other words, it’s a start, and we at Outlier are committed to pushing our suppliers to do even more and rewarding those that follow through.”

Get yourselves these pants at http://outlier.cc. Outlier’s Workwear pants are retailed at USD$188.